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Are pizza boxes only square?


The pizza is round, so why use a square box? The choice of a square box is more due to the consideration of production cost, labor cost and delivery convenience. The pizza box hasn't changed much since World War II, but it clearly has a lot of room for improvement.

Apple once applied for a patent for a round pizza box. This pizza box is made of recycled materials. Its innovation lies in the fact that there are 8 ventilation holes on the lid, and water vapor can be discharged through these small holes. There is also a raised concentric ring at the bottom of the box, which can hold the pizza up, and there is some gap with the bottom of the box, so as to prevent the crust from being soaked when the employees take the pizza back to the workstation, and at the same time, it can also play a certain role in heat preservation.

Pizza Hut has also designed a round pizza box, which is also designed to hope that customers will receive hotter and crisper pizza. They designed some protrusions and grooves on the bottom of the pizza box, which can not only prop up the pizza, but also catch spilled peppercorns or dripping soup.

In addition to the round pizza box, there are many other designs, such as a triangular pizza box that can only hold a piece of pizza; after eating the pizza, the box can be torn apart along the dotted line, and reassembled into a coffin-shaped box to hold the residue, etc.


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