Led Vase

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LED vase is an ornament made of LED lighting combined with artistic ceramic craftsmanship. Very enjoyable! Modern porcelain carving new technology Modern porcelain carving technology, on the basis of traditional craftsmanship, integrates Chinese and Western painting and video art, combined with jade carving, lacquer carving and other folk crafts, has carried out a bold reform on the knife, can be any shape, any creative concept on the material carrier, some bulb carving technology is thus evolved, porcelain hollow carving technology has also evolved.

Ceramic carving is a special artistic means of combining painting and carving to express painting, calligraphy and other art forms on porcelain, and engraving paintings or words on white porcelain without painting. Engraved on utensils, such as plates, bowls, vases, tea sets, stationery, etc., still have the role of tools; The porcelain plates and the mahogany shelves are pure works of art. Ceramic carving traceability According to records, the Qing Dynasty has specialized in ceramic carving, but most of them are mainly flat carvings, dotted and line composition, artistic expression is monotonous and plain, and has not attracted much attention from the world. Until the late Qianlong period, due to the prosperity of the economy and the needs of the ruler's royal cultural life, the imperial court specially set up a "building office" to manufacture handicrafts used by the court. Due to the promotion of all social strata at that time, the art of engraving calligraphy was further developed, and some people could even use steel knives to carve paintings such as landscapes, flowers, birds, grass insects and other paintings on porcelain plates or other utensils, and they came to life.

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